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About Places to Eat and Shop at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is home to over 50,000 plants placed in some of the most fascinating settings. There is a wide variety of places to eat at Kew Gardens which are famous for its seasonal offerings and specialities. Most of the ingredients for these seasonal specialities are either locally sourced or foraged from Kew Gardens itself. Hence, these eateries at Kew Gardens have a wide selection of plant-based food items. Shop at Kew Gardens, where you can buy some of the best natural beauty products and several gift items made from sustainable materials. The beauty products are mostly plant-based and the ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from Kew Gardens' large selection of plants and herbs.

Places To Eat At Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens has an array of restaurants, eateries and cafes where you can enjoy a snack or a full fledged meal with family and friends. You can choose from a wide variety of places to eat at Kew Gardens ranging from fine dining to casual dining to snack bars. There are coffee shops offering a delectable selection of teas, baked goods, ice creams and lots more. You can even indulge in a picnic while you are at the Garden.

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New family kitchen
New Family Kitchen and Shop

New Family Kitchen and Shop is a multi-sensory restaurant making it one of the most fascinating places to eat at Kew Gardens. It is an excellent place for families to enjoy a refreshing meal while visiting the Garden. The restaurant is located near the children's Garden and here you not only enjoy the delicious food but you also get to learn about how plants affect our health and lives. The dining area has been divided into color-coded zones which breathes life into the seasonal food stories. The colors in each Zone represent The Spring Garden, Water Garden, Autumn Garden, and the Enset zones of the Children's Garden in Kew. The menu offers a wide variety of plant based food which maintains the restaurant's objective of sustainability. There is a salad bar, a sandwich station, and an ice cream station. The highlight of the restaurant is a stone baked pizza oven which allows visitors to customize their Pizza while watching the chefs prepare it.

Opening hours:

Weekdays, 10am to 6pm Weekends, 10am to 7pm Hot Food: 11.30am to 3.30pm Pizza Counter: 11.30am to 4pm

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The Orangery

The Orangery is one of the best places to eat in Kew Gardens if you want to enjoy a casual meal. It offers both indoor and outdoor dining as well as a wonderful terrace where you can enjoy your meal as well as the views. The indoor dining has beautiful arched windows in a magnificent 18th-century building. The menu features a wide variety of cafeteria style comfort food such as toasted, burgers and a wonderful selection of teas.

Opening hours:

Weekdays, 10am to 6pm Weekends, 10am to 7pm Breakfast: 10am to 11am Hot Food: 11.30am to 3.30pm

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The Pavilion Restaurant
Pavilion Bar and Grill

Dine amidst tall trees and magnificent views at the new Pavilion Bar and Grill. The restaurant is located within the 'Arboretum' and offers a spacious dining room with a magnificent view of the garden. This restaurant offers an excellent fine dining option for visitors at the Garden. It has an open kitchen where you can watch the Chefs prepare your meal. The menu itself focuses on sustainable dining and all herbs used in the kitchen come from Kew Garden. The restaurant serves quite a variety of dishes ranging from Barbecue pork to vegan burgers and fermented cabbages.

Opening hours:

Weekdays 10 am to 6 pm Weekends 10 am to 7 pm

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The Social Kitchen powered by The Vegetarian Butcher
The Botanical Brasserie

The Botanical is one of the best places to eat at Kew Gardens if you want to enjoy a traditional British afternoon tea. You can indulge your taste buds with some delicate pastries, scones with clotted cream, freshly baked savories, and a selection of teas to accompany the delicious treats. The bar of The Botanical is famous for its vermouth, gin, and home-brewed plant-based spirits.

Opening hours: Weekdays 10am to 6pm Weekends 10am to 7pm Breakfast: 10am to 11am Lunch: 12pm to 3pm Afternoon Tea: 2.30pm to 5:30 pm weekdays and till 6.30pm on weekends.

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Victoria Plaza Cafe
Victoria Plaza Cafe

The Victoria Plaza Cafe is a spacious cafe that serves some of the best selections of freshly baked items, coffee, snacks, lunch, and ice cream. The Cafe also offers a variety of vegan options which are popularly known as 'Purely Plants'. Victoria Plaza Cafe has indoor as well as outdoor seating and it is located near the Victoria Gate.

**Opening hours **:

Weekdays 10am to 6:45pm Weekends 10am to 7:45pm

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What To Shop At Kew Gardens

Indulge in some retail therapy with some of the most amazing products that you can shop at Kew Gardens. You can shop for a wide range of natural beauty products, candles, home fragrances, toys, games, puzzles, blankets made out of recycled wool, Sustainable fashion, and several products made out of recycled plastic that has been saved from oceans beds.

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Kew Gardens
Beauty Products

Kew Gardens has a fabulous range of beauty products and these include skin and body care products, toiletries, and bath products. All these are made with natural ingredients and they come in a variety of Floral and Fruity scents. Some of the best beauty products to shop at Kew Gardens are Kew and Lavender Rosemary soap and hand cream, the Luxury Kew Lemongrass and Lime gift box, brightening serum, Kew Botanical body spray flores and lots more. The Kew Garden bath and beauty products are inspired by the rich botanicals in the Garden. There are soaps, hand creams, body scrubs and other products made using plant based ingredients from the Garden itself.

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Recycle Wool Blanket
Sustainable Living

Shops at Kew Garden have a wide array of products that follow sustainable living principles. You can find a large number of gift items that promote sustainable living such as recycled wool blankets, jute tote bags, copper Water bottles, bamboo cups, bowls and many other products. What makes these products special is that they are eco-friendly and are made from recycled plastic collected from oceans.

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Are we allowed to pluck flowers in Kew Gardens?

No, plucking, pruning, or removing plants is strictly prohibited at Kew Gardens. The team at the Garden works tirelessly to care for these beautiful plants around the Garden.

What is the best time to visit Kew Gardens?

  • The best time to visit the Kew Gardens is in the spring and summer months from March to August. The flowers and trees are at their best during these months.
  • During winters Kew Gardens organizes some amazing light shows that are definitely worth a visit.
  • It is best to reach the Gardens by 10am to 11am to give yourself enough time to explore its many attractions.

Are the beauty products sold at Kew Gardens expensive?

No, the beauty products at Kew Gardens are reasonably priced considering the kind of ingredients used in preparing them. Kew Gardens has an exclusive range of natural luxury beauty products that are mostly plant based and enhanced with floral and fruity scents. Natural soaps are priced at £6 and above while skin care products range from £10 to £55 each.

Do we have to purchase separate tickets for Kids at Kew Gardens?

Children up to three years of age can enter Kew Gardens free of charge. Children between the age of 4 to 16 require tickets to enter the Gardens.

Can we buy the products available at Kew Gardens online?

Yes, Kew Gardens has an online store that sells all the products you can see at the Garden itself. Right from the beauty range to the home decor items to sustainable living products all are available online.

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